Blumenthal Performing Arts proudly showcases the finest performances in the Carolinas. I had the privilege of rebranding the organization and all six of its theaters. My objective was to create a unified brand identity that exudes energy, drawing inspiration from the dazzling stage lights, while incorporating elements of the architectural design influenced by the golden ratio. The result is a vibrant brand family that harmoniously blends these artistic and influences.
The new brand architecture provides a recognizable look and feel for every Blumenthal experience. By creating a brand architecture, Blumenthal Performing Arts will be able to more consistently gain the credit we deserve for being an agent of change in the artistic community. Each mark will be unique but also clearly connected to the organization as a whole, creating a helpful way finding system for Blumenthal experiences in the Charlotte community. 
Composed of parts from the overarching Blumenthal logo, every element of the brand architecture conveys the vibrant spirit of Blumenthal. Each mark is inspired by the heart and soul of the experience it represents — from the stained glass of McGlohon to the metaphorical beam of light radiating from Duke Energy Theater to the spotlight of The Blumey Awards. Like each Blumenthal performance, every logo will be a special and vibrant “experience” of its own.
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